Professional Malpractice

Many of the professional malpractice claims I have helped settle are made against attorneys, in a variety of contexts, including litigation and trial strategy, real estate, construction, lease negotiation, business formation, probate and personal injury. Similarly, I have worked on cases that began as attorneys seeking unpaid fees where malpractice is raised in a counterclaim.

More recently, cases involving various real estate professionals, particularly realtors and loan brokers, have become more numerous and the range of issues has grown, including straw-man transactions, reverse mortgages, loans in the face of foreclosure, family transactions, and the range of federal and state disclosure laws.

I have also assisted with claims by and against business brokers, real estate managers, architects, engineers, and accountants. Many involve fee disputes as well as substantive professional negligence claims.

I am a neutral arbitrator in the independently administered Kaiser Member Arbitration Program in which I deal with medical malpractice and other claims, and I have also mediated cases in that program.