Miscellaneous Disputes

It is difficult to categorize some claims. I have handled various tort claims for property damage and monetary loss, such as fraud, allegations of theft or other criminal conduct, a claim against a city arising from a sewer back up, a claim against a utility for breaking a water main, a claim against a community college for damage to art on the premises, trespass, and elder abuse. I have assisted with disputes between nonprofit corporations, attorney fee claims, franchisee/franchiser disputes, loss of club membership, regulated industries such as used car auctions and transportation and shipping (including claims by customers, between contractors and shipping subcontractors, and similar disputes), art claims under CAPA, claims against alleged sellers of cigarettes to minors, government enforcement actions to shut down businesses for illegal conduct or for underground storage tanks, other environmental actions, Business & Professions Code ยง17200, appeals from arbitration awards, and SLAPP suits. And some mediations arise from more common fact patterns but have an odd significant component, such as the interplay of related foreign law suits.

I have handled a number of eminent domain cases for residential, commercial and agricultural properties. I have assisted with disputes between local governments and property owners over zoning and tax assessments. I have also assisted in a number of disputes between Home Owner Associations or condominium boards and members, or among members concerning governance of the association. While not a substantial part of my practice, cases I helped settled have required consideration of diverse issues such as bankruptcy, class actions, family law, conservatorship, restraining orders, and other areas of substantive law not mentioned above. I have been able to understand quickly the significance of these issues and assist the parties to find agreement.