Commercial Leases and Landlord/Tenant

Most of the cases I have handled arise in commercial lease disputes, touching on the parties’ respective duties, tenant removal, tenant improvements, property use, repair costs, end of lease term duties, and a variety of other issues. At times, the interplay of multiple leases, subleases, options, intervening sales, foreclosures, etc., has been significant. For example, in a case of a lease with an option to purchase, there may be disputes arising in each of the aspects. Sometimes, a tenant’s ability to pay, market conditions, and a renegotiated lease need to be considered. Properties involved have included offices, manufacturing, retail, restaurant, food and grocery, warehouse, storage, service industries, single use structures, and others.

I have also handled residential lease disputes, including habitability and eviction claims and premises liability, as well as disputes arising under rent control ordinances, the San Francisco ordinance concerning owner move-ins, and anti-discrimination statutes governing these relationships.

I am comfortable working in all of these areas considering a variety of solutions depending on the underlying business problem.