Bodily and Emotional Injury

I have helped settle a number of personal injury claims arising in diverse environments, from premises liability and ordinary slip and falls in stores, factories, apartment buildings, delivery docks, banks, cruise liners, golf courses, restaurants, and public events, or claims of exposure to hazardous mold while living in apartment buildings, other rental property, or in condominiums (which often raise insurance issues as well), to maritime claims under the Jones Act or as a result of ship-to-ship collisions. Less common disputes have involved a bar room fight, a coffee house employee burnt by an espresso machine, a fall down an elevator shaft, being hit by a golf cart, and a dialysis patient who collapsed and was injured immediately after treatment. Some have arisen from car and motorcycle accidents generating claims of driver error, product liability and mechanic liability, questions of causation, injury and damage, and a variety of insurance issues. Others are within the scope of various statutory schemes, such as the F.E.L.A. I have often worked with multiple defendants seeking to allocate fault under either tort or contract theories. I am also generally familiar with many of the workers compensation issues that arise in the context of bodily injury disputes, and some of the recurring medical issues, such as the affect of long-term injuries.

I have assisted resolving claims of medical malpractice, false arrest, police use of unnecessary force, assault, physical injury with discriminatory animus, child and sexual abuse, and mistreatment of the remains of family members.